Lynn Erasmus

Opening & Closing Keynote Speaker on Innovation, Culture & Change, MC and Facilitator

Lynn Erasmus

Opening & Closing Keynote Speaker on Innovation, Culture & Change, MC and Facilitator

Lynn Erasmus is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur & journalist and a powerful keynote speaker on culture, resilience& change.

She has created, worn, and burned most of the t-shirts, but she says you don’t need to. Her story is a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and mastering the impossible, triumphing against all odds to becoming a self-made entrepreneur, and inspiring others to thrive.

As an inspiring speaker and entrepreneur, Lynn’s mission is to help individuals, corporate teams and fellow entrepreneurs to challenge their comfort zone, ditch assumptions and to break all those rules that kept them small.

She is a fierce advocate for mental health and accentuates the importance of having more fun and less glum. She was 5-years old when her mother committed suicide, leaving her vulnerable, lost and confused for most of her adult life. She allowed others to shame her into silence and in the process, suppressed her own needs and desires.

But through sheer willpower, tenacity, and a touch of madness, she built her newspaper from the ground up, (without funding) and turned it into a 6-figure business. But beneath the surface a volcano was bubbling inside of her, waiting to erupt, and nearly destroyed all she held dear.

It was only after Lynn experienced extreme burn-out that she was brave enough to break all the rules and realized her own worth – and became unstoppable in the process.

She has a wealth of life and business experiences behind her, and she shares these lessons freely and earnestly with her audiences around the world.

So, if your team are paralyzed by indecision and procrastination, perhaps all that they need are motivation, focus and renewed drive to get the results you know that they can achieve.

Lynn will not only motivate and inspire your team to excel but she will also provide them with practical tools to thrive. As the author of her book “Break Those Damn Rules”, her mission is to help everyone to start breaking all the rules that kept them small and start realizing their own worth.

Lynn is best known as an inspirational force for leadership, team building, and performance. She has been featured as a thought leader on CNN, The Herald, Tikker News and many other media outlets around the globe.

When she is not on-stage moving others to embrace change, she runs a bouquet of services for corporates and business owners, from Executive Coaching, Branding Consultancy, Marketing Make-Overs and her most sought-after training – Cultural Intelligence workshops.

For those starting out, she has an Entrepreneurial 101 Workshop – giving them a basic guideline on what to do and what NOT to do when starting out. Lynn always had a soft spot for the youth, which comes from her own personal experience of never feeling like she belonged anywhere while growing up – often feeling like the “misfit” “outcast” and being “different”.

Looking back, she wishes that she had the opportunity to learn about starting her own business from a younger age. She created the Novice Entrepreneur Workshop 9 years ago and rolled it out successfully in Port Elizabeth, South Africa – where she taught over 4000 previously disadvantaged youths from the poorer areas on how to start their own businesses. She recently had massive success rolling it out throughout the United Kingdom – giving them the confidence, tools, and experience to start their own businesses.

Whichever hat Lynn wears – you are guaranteed to be inspired by her knowledge and enthusiasm for life – helping you to become Unstoppable!

“Life is a game. You might not always win, but you have to play.”