I have been organizing and managing large-scale events since 2010 in South Africa. Totaling over 100 events, connecting more than 40 000 people, generating over R2milllion worth of income, and receiving R10 million worth of media coverage over the years.

I am passionate about connecting people and helping my clients reach the results we set out to achieve.

Whether you are looking to expand your brand, build awareness, generate increased sales, or simply doing something positive for your staff or community, then I am your go-to person.

These are some of the examples of the work I have done in the past:

The Incredible Race: Eastern Cape – November 2011 & December 2012


I brought a first-of-its-kind event to the region where we had 12 celebrities racing against each other over three days for the prize money of R100 000. 

The event was based on the international TV-Series, Amazing Race, where the contestants had to complete various mental and physical challenges to earn points. The difference is that the event was to showcase the Eastern Cape and all in aid of charity. The prize money was shared between the winning team’s two charities of choice. We received over an R1million worth of media coverage, and the SABC provided us with a 30second show on one of their programs in December 2011.

I managed to put this event together in 6-months with only one team member to assist me with the managing, planning, and execution of the event.

“Begging for shoes” with the NMB Executive Mayor: 2012

I suggested this initiative to the mayor, Cllr Zanoxolo Wayile, during a brainstorming session in December. The mayor’s office wanted to collect 1000 shoes for those in need, and I suggested that they involve the mayor directly with the public to get their support.

We challenged the mayor to go bare feet and in school clothes along with those who want to join him, “begging for shoes” in the shopping malls. This initiative took place in February 2012, and we collected nearly R70 000 worth of cash and 2500 pairs of shoes in that week at the various shopping malls.

Peugeot 208 Exclusive Launch – November: 2012

I organized the exclusive Peugeot 208 launch with only a 2-week lead time. Peugeot opened their shop in January that year and did not have a large footprint in the city. Their mandate was to build brand awareness and become a trusted supplier of quality motor vehicles to the local community. Not only did I bring together high-end potential customers for my client at the launch, but he also sold a fleet of cars to a large company the next month because of the launch.

Your Money Novice Entrepreneur of the Year: 2013 – 2016

I notice a great need in my community, where the previously disadvantaged youths have no hope of finding jobs. I put together an event where they could learn about starting their businesses for free and I invited key stakeholders that assist small businesses to exhibit and share their knowledge with the youth. We hosted these events in their neighborhood to prevent them from incurring extra costs for transportation.

I raised sponsorship and prizes to the value of R400 000 each year for this project, and assisted over 12000 youths through this initiative. We arranged a seminar, breakfast, and prize-giving plus we received media exposure for the winners each year.

Eastern Cape Construction Summit: 2015

We hosted the first Construction Summit for the region with over 1000 visitors on the day and received nearly R800 000 worth of media exposure for the event with a keynote speaker, Eastern Cape MEC for Finance, Economic Development, Environmental Affairs, and Tourism, Sakhumzi Somyo.

I sold exhibition space to companies, organized a VIP gala dinner for the guests afterward as well as get prominent speakers to present the various topics to the audience.


Divas in Spring: 2016

I was part of the team to bring – “Divas in Spring” with “Lira”, “Judith Sephuma” and “PJ Powers” to Port Elizabeth. This was an initiative of the City of Champions – a Nelson Mandela Bay Legacy Project and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. We had to organize their entire itinerary, from booking their performances, flights, transport, accommodation, technical riders, and their entertainment. On top of that, we organized the entire event, from venue hire, décor, selling and promoting ticket sales, and sourcing sponsorship. We even organized a tour of our city for the ladies as an added special touch. Most importantly – ensuring that they are at rehearsals and on time for their performance on the day.


Longest Rugby Game – Guinness World Record: 2016

I was tasked to enter the Guinness World Record for the Longest Rugby Game, which we achieved in October 2016.

I sourced 30 rugby players, referees, and coaches that would be willing to pay for 26 hours straight – without stopping the game for a second.

There were many technical and legal requirements that had to be fulfilled and certain health and safety requirements that needed to be achieved before we could commence the game.

It was one of the events I have been the proudest of. The sheer dedication, tenacity, and will to play rugby for 26hours straight – in honor of our late president, Nelson Mandela, was very inspiring to watch and be part of.

Hospice Superhero Funrun and Carnival: 2018

I organized a Superhero Funrun and Carnival to raise money for Hospice. We raised over R500 000 on the day, double that in media coverage, and gained long-term Hospice Heroes who supported the charity going forward. I had two months to put the entire event together, from start to finish, including working out the route for the fun run, health & safety, legal requirements, reaching out to potential stallholders, putting together fun activities on the day, and running the campaign.