Spring has sprung.

Yes, I am a few months ahead, but who cares, right?
I have been a tad bit obsessive about garden work lately.
I love the texture of soil squished in between my fingers and seeing a surprised worm wriggling away from me as I turn his little world upside down, poor thing. It makes me feel like I am part of something bigger. I guess that is the positive energy of mother earth. It reminds me that I indeed am a creator, co-creating my life with Source/God/Energy, whatever you believe in. But the biggest thing I realised while doing garden work is – there is a time and a season for everything. It takes wisdom and experience to know when to plant and when to reap, when to prep the soil and when to wait.
While I were clearing the dead leaves away, I saw with glee that there were many little sprouts waiting to come up and feel the warm sun on their leaves so they can grow. Just like the new sprigs waiting to come up, we need to clear away the things that weigh us down and put some back into it and removed it all. That way, we can also grow and prosper.
We also need to have the wisdom and the patience to know when we are ready to bloom and when we need more time to grow before we can sprout up and become the beautiful flower. Do it too soon and the frost will kill it and leave it too later, and you would have missed the opportunity to bloom.
So, go with your gut or instinct and follow your guidance. You always know exactly what to do at the right time and be at the right place. Remember, what is divinely yours, can never be lost.

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