This Means War

If you are ready to start your business or to take it to the next level, then these 5 steps can help you achieve them.

1. Preparation is key – you will find your worth and become unstoppable.

Would you go to war without being prepared, researched, and harbouring any doubt whether you would win the war or not?

No – that would be suicide!

And that is exactly how you should see starting your business.

The mind is a powerful thing, it is your mindset that you must train and conquer.

Starting a business is not for the faint-hearted. If this is your backup plan, chances are high, you will fail. You have to work it so hard, that you eat, breathe, and sleep your business. You trained yourself hard and by the time you launch, you are an expert in your field and doing it with confidence.

2. Surround yourself with those that inspire you.

How well are you treating your team? Do they share in your loot, your success, or do they simply work for you and earn a pay-check at the end of the month?

As in wartime, you had your immunes who were protected and cared for, so today, you have your staff, suppliers, community, and customers.

In the war, you could not do without your hunters, medics and priests to name a few. Your staff, suppliers, and community (fan club) are equally important, as they can become your biggest ally or your foe.

Don’t become like Julius Caesar, who loved himself so much, that he thought he was invincible. His ego became inflated, and he could not see beyond the stories he told himself.

Always keep your ears to the ground, listen to the murmurs and rumblings of those around you, therein lies your opportunities and profit!

Most importantly – make sure you surround yourself with those that inspire you.

3. Looking after customers and staff.

In the Roman Legions – what few people knew – is that they had team building parties. Well in those days it was called Gladiators in the arena – same thing really.

Business and war are both brutal and bloody – (papers cuts, anyone ever had a paper cut? Exactly my point.

They would challenge their teams to take on the best gladiators in the arena and if he wins, he will win gold, a night on the town etc. But most importantly – they did if for fame and glory. And for the acknowledgement of the emperor.

In this scenario, the customer is the king. If the crowd was unhappy, then the king would be unhappy and then the soldiers would be decimated.

So how well are you looking after your customers, suppliers and staff?

Do they feel special and like you listen and care for them? When last did you check in with them to see how they are doing?

4. Your name is your reputation is your brand – protect it fiercely.

Julius Caesar knew his enemy was Pompey the Great, a noted general and statesman. So how was he going to defeat Pompey? He needed a major military victory – he had to be noticed and so he set himself up to conquer the impossible – the Gauls. It took him seven years to wage and win the war, but he was steadfast and consistent in his approach and he not only won the war, but the hearts and minds of his legion – which made him the most powerful man in Rome. This is how he beat Pompey.

If you build up your reputation to a level where you don’t need to be introduced anymore, then you know your brand is well embedded in the hearts and minds of the people. It is half the battle won!

5. Change tactics – don’t give up.

There is always a way out. No matter how big the chance of failure is, you can always find a way to walk away as the winner.

We are going off country slightly, but I would like to use the tale of the 300 Spartans, lead by King Leonidas I of Sparta, who beat the invisible and mighty godlike king, Achaemenid Empire of Xerxes I at the epic battle of Thermopylae, some 2500 years ago.

It is a story of how 300 well trained soldiers beat an experienced army of 300 000. (The numbers were exaggerated to the extreme to prove a point, so just go with it.)

They had three things that counted in their favour:

1. They fought for their home and country. They were raised from babe to eat, breath and sleep war, love, and country. This was all they knew and all they had, and they lived for it. They believed in their cause and they fought with heart.

2. They were well prepared. They were disciplined and better trained than any other country. 3. They knew their enemy’s weakness. They researched their enemy, and they knew their strengths and weaknesses and turn that into their advantageous.

So how can you use the Spartan method to succeed in life and your business? What is your unique quality that few others possess?

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