Top tip for starting a business while employed

So, you are tired of working for your boss! All those long working hours, raking in the money for
them – while you are stuck with your dreary payslip at the end of each month?
“Be grateful,” they say – “at least you have job.”
Yes – one where enthusiasm goes to die.
Then perhaps it is time to recreate your board game and place yourself right at the centre of it.
Identify what you want to do once you are ready to launch your own business – then start building
up the experience or network while you are working for your current company.
See your current company as merely a steppingstone, one you need to climb over to reach your next
destination quicker and with more efficiency.

For example:
You identified that you are great at marketing, even though it is not your job title.
You decide that you want to start a marketing agency even though you are working for a
recruitment company.
First step is research what services marketing agencies offer then make a list of these and see which
ones you could offer yourself and which ones you could outsource to other suppliers that you have
worked with in the past.
You might realise that you need a certain skill or certificate to complete before you can offer this
You can one; either ask your employer to send you on a course – whereby you will be able to fulfil
these tasks for the organisation – (this might create a new brand-new role the company never
thought of before, so you are helping them and yourself at the same time.)
Or you can study this in your own time.
Good luck and remember – “Life is just a game, you might not always win, but you have to play.” –
Lynn Erasmus

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