Why being on the cheap is not a good financial strategy in the long run.

Today you cannot open your social media pages without being bombarded by offers and special promotions where they promise you overnight success if you only follow these 3 or 4 steps. "

You will save thousands if you only use this method, click here to find out more…"

We have become programmed to look for a quick win, to cut and save as much as we can and

to just do it ourselves in order to save more money.

But what no-one tells you is that you might save yourself a few pounds here and there, but the time and effort you have to invest in learning that skill that they teach you to do yourself, far outshines the money you would have saved by hiring the experts to do it.

For instance – buy a website domain on godaddy.com for £1 and get a free 2-week website builder. After 2 weeks, your website goes down and you have already invested 2 weeks of time and effort on that website, and now you have to spend a further £250 a year for the upkeep of the website. Where you could have paid a professional website designer £350 and they would have done it all for you – in a timeous manner and that looks professional. Same as when you start a business, you can either invest in yourself and get a coach to guide you through the processes or you can "wing" it yourself, learn the hard way and 6 months down the line you give up as nothing is working. We have to reprogram ourselves to know that in order to make money, we have to be willing to spend money – on the right things and allocate our time in such a manner as to only use our time and efforts on the things we enjoy doing and as a result – bring in more money.

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